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2018 Guide to rethink your customer strategy

3 steps to enhance your customer relationship

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A new year brings new challenges, new objectives. Our goal at Digitaly is to help you transform your business and deliver more value to your customers.

Have you already paused for a moment to think about customer loyalty and your growth strategy for 2018? Customers are your key asset and should by definition be part of your plan to meet new goals. To help you with a great start of the year, we are happy to guide you through 3 steps to assess your customer strategy.

1. 10 questions for a customer relationship check-up

Take some time - alone or with your team -, to answer the 10 questions fo a customer relationship check-up.

  • What is your 2017 greatest success? Why?
  • What are your 2018 objectives?
  • Which ingredients could be missing to reach your 2018 objectives? Why?
  • Identify the main business needs of your customers
  • What differentiate your company from your competitors (direct and indirect)?
  • What are the success criteria of your customers? (What do they expect from you?)
  • What is your plan to increase customer loyalty and grow your business in 2018?
  • How do you measure customer satisfaction?
  • How strong do your customers recommend your company?
  • What could kill your business?

2. Download the customer journey canvas

When re-thinking your customer strategy, collaboration is key. Every person in your team has (direct or indirect) relations with your (potential) customers. Insights and feedbacks collected by your team are precious. Do not hesitate to share and discuss this customer journey canvas.

Download it for free here.

Customer journey Preview

3. Register for the customer strategy workshop on 5 February 2018

Triggered by these questions or interested in a more in-depth exercice about your customer strategy? Digitaly is happy to offer you a 2-hours breakfast workshop on Monday 5 February from 8.00 to 10.00 AM in Brussels. Workshop will be given in French.

Aurélie Couvreur, Strategy Wizard, Digitaly

Diane Vanderschrick, Experience guru, Digitaly

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