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Stop considering technology as a department

or why every business decision maker should become geeky?

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When I discuss about digital transformation with general managers, CEO's or leaders, most of them have the same first reaction; they do see technology evolving, they do want to embrace change but they do not see how technology and digital transformation can make a change in their daily business..and particularly in the B2B.

Important disclaimer:

Digital Transformation is not technology driven, it is culture driven. So, first, start with understanding, experimenting and collaborating to make sure the digital transformation of your business will be succesful. Have a look at our advices to move forward and embark your team.

1. Digital Transformation is exponential

Most new digital transformation scenarios are perceived as side projects with low impact. But these teams are learning a lot in a very short period of time. Once they will turn the "side project" to a larger scale, growth will be exponential and it will probably be to late to catch up. So, if you see competitors making not understimate these.

2. Start playing

To better understand new usages and scenarios, start playing! Become geeky!

- Try the HoloLens and imagine which new experience you could bring to your customers (yeah, yeah..even in the B2B)

- explore the Amazon Echo & Alexa eco-system and ask yourself: what will be the impact of such new behaviours (in terms of brand, for example)?

- buy a 3D printer for the technical department and ask them how they could use it


3. Listen to your customers

Instead of organising business meetings at your office, go to your customer's office, ask questions about their challenges, they way they work, observe and ..listen.

4. Travel!

When travelling for leisure, make sure to stop by large cities (particularly in Asia or in the US) and have a look...

Do not hesitate to join Economic and business missions or international conferences to gather information and inspiration.

5. Introduce new methods

Instead of traditional trainings, meetings or team buildings, introduce new methods like design thinking in cross-generations and cross-functions groups. You'l be surprised by the outputs..

Do you need a help to enter the digital culture? We'll be happy to organise an experience workshop for your team.

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