• We transform your business and team in a digital world

    Digital Transformation with a growth impact

  • What we do

    We help you transform your business to deliver more value for your customers

    Awareness builders icon at Digitaly

    Awareness builders


    We are eyes-openers about the challenges and opportunities of the digital era

    We provide insights, workshops and talks about doing business in a more and more digital world

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    Digital thinkers


    We build strategies to deliver new digital products, services, Business Models and experiences to your customers

    We practice Design thinking and believe in customers interviews and customer journeys

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    Growth makers


    We empower your team by developing skills to embrace change and accelerate your growth

    We boost teams with collaborative intelligence, co-creation and Lean Startup to develop a culture embracing change and develop growth mindsets

  • How Digitaly helps you

    We co-create strategies to transform your business in a digital world

    At Digitaly, since 2016, we see a world of possibilities opening up with the digital era, even for the most traditional businesses.

    We do believe in the power of co-creation to transform your business and deliver new enchanting experiences to your (internal and external) customers.


    Most of our customers come with the same question: How to make sure we will still be in the business by tomorrow?

    Which means: How to grow the business while outpacing competition and convincing teams to embrace digital transformation?

  • Digital Transformation Trainings & Conferences

    Successful Digital Transformation is about culture and skills

    In a fast changing work environment, everyone needs to learn new skills from board members to blue collars.To meet this unprecedented challenge of upskilling, we organise seminars, trainings and bootcamps. have a look below and do not hesitate to reach-out!


    A wake-up call for teams and Boards

    A wake-up call about Digital Transformation for boards, teams and management teams. After this 2h30 interactive conference, no doubt everyone will feel the sense of urgency to start a digital transformation.

    At the end of the session, participants have a clear idea what Digital Transformation is, why it is crucial for every business and sector, potential and attractiveness of Digital Transformation


    A 2-day Business Game (Teambuilding)

    A 2 days Business Game (also a strong team building) with your team to deeply understand Digital Transformation, co-create strategy, lift resistance or fears, align everyone, stimulate creativity and boost your team with fun and opportunities.


    Board whispering

    A fresh and digital look to the Board of Directors in order to challenge ideas and status-quo, bring new insights, think differently, think digital first.


    3 months transformational sprint

    3 intensive months to transform the business (in teams) and develop a transformational culture.

    A unique opportunity to stimulate intrapreneurship, boost motivation and embrace digital transformation.



    Digital bootcamps

    An intensive (part-time) and hands-on digital bootcamp to up-skill entrepreneurs, marketeers and communicators and master digital marketing. Because digital transformation requires new skills and attitude.

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  • How we work

    Digital Transformation is about leadership and culture


    We listen

    We ask you about your challenges, needs and objectives.


    We analyse

    We audit your business across 8 dimensions; from organisation to Data policy because Digital Transformation is not about technology only.


    We evaluate

    We evaluate the market opportunities in terms of competition, products, services and Business Models


    We deliver

    We build a strong growth strategy for your business and your team.


    We empower

    We empower the whole organisation to embrace the Digital Transformation strategy.

  • What they say

    Our customers and trainees explains their experience with Digitaly

    Digital Marketing Boostcamp

    Some participants of the Digital Marketing Boostcamp explains what they learned (video)

    Tartes Francoise in Lecho

    L'Echo: Grâce au numérique, les Tartes de Françoise ont limité la casse

    Jean Baisier, CEO les Tartes de Françoise, explains how embracing digital transformation contributes to their growth..particularly in challenging times like covid. (Article)

  • Who we are

    A passionate team of strategists with feet on the ground and eyes to the future

    Aurélie Couvreur, Strategy Wizard at Digitaly

    Aurélie Couvreur

    Strategy Wizard

    I love shaking common sense and creativity to deliver the most efficient strategy and uncover new (growth) opportunities in a digital world. Strategist. Startup coach. Lean coach. Foodie.

    LinkedIn  Slideshare  aboutme

    Diane Vanderschrick, Experience Guru at Digitaly

    Diane Vanderschrick

    Experience Guru

    As customer loyalty is build on the experience your company offer, I am passionate about customer experience and marketing automation to outpace competition and develop your business . Yoga & travel lover.


    Muriel Ebrahime, Digital Magician

    Muriel Ebrahime

    Creative Magician

    Turning dreams and ideas into reality,

    I am the creative one.

    Woman. Mum. Entrepreneur.


  • Blog

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